We are proud of the quality of service Nittany Professional Cleaning provides. A successful Quality Assurance Program requires commitment to excellence by all employees including cleaners, floor and crew technicians, supervisors, the management team and the owners. Our Quality Assurance Program consists of regular and scheduled site evaluations. Listed below are some of the steps we use to ensure quality assurance.

  • Training for Quality: We instill our expectations and standards of cleanliness and neatness to all of our employees.
  • Site Rounds: Our supervisors and management team must take an active role in touring our customer’s facilities.
  • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Inspections: We have a predetermined schedule for our supervisor’s inspections. This will give us consistence of making sure that work performance is being checked on a regular basis.
  • Site Walk-Throughs & Customer Relations: The owners of Nittany Professional Cleaning visit customer facilities periodically as well. At that time we invite our customers to tour their facility that we are inspecting. By doing this we get instant feed back from the customer on our work performance.
  • Employee Evaluations: When our supervisors inspect facilities they are required to leave an evaluation form which details their job performance. As well as our employees receiving this form, the office will receive a copy. Therefore we are able to keep track of every employee and their job performance.